Specialized Communication Services is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company offering advanced utility construction services across the nation. We provide unmatched experience and attention to detail in all phases of the design, engineering, construction and maintenance of today’s complicated utility infrastructure systems.

With our team of qualified personnel, Specialized Communication Services provides a full spectrum of services for our customers:

Aerial Construction Services:

Strand installation (new build).
Lashing of coax, fiber, twisted pair and conduit.
Over-lashing of coax, fiber, twisted pair and conduit.
Plant maintenance, pole transfers, repair of  lashing wire, forced relocation of aerial lines, re-sags, clearance issues, etc.
Highway, interstate, river and railroad crossings.
Grounding & Bonding
Pole Setting
Make Ready & Transfer

Underground Construction Services:

Trenching for conduit and cable placement
Horizontal Directional Drilling.
Hydrovac excavation & potholing.
Pneumatic missile boring.
Underground installation of coax and fiber-optic cable.
Fiber to the home or business installation.
Utility MH, HH, Ped & J-Box Installation.
Equipment Placement & Ground Grid Installation.


CAFII Site Construction Services:

Aerial and or buried site construction
Trench & conduit placement
Ground grid installation
Stub pole placement
Communications & electrical equipment installation
Copper, fiber & electrical cable installation & splicing
Test & turn up


Fiber Optics Services:

Set-up and preparation of fiber cables
Building cases
Testing OTDR, power meter and fusion splicing
Experienced in splicing OPGW fiber

Coax & Copper Services:

Retro Splicing
New build splicing
Installation & activation of power supply
In front of splice walk-out
Grounding & bonding
Knowledge of General Instruments:

  • ONX580
  • Antec
  • Scientific Atlantic
  • Magnavox amplifiers & nodes

Sweep Services:
Setting up forward (55-750mhz) and reverse (5-40mhz)
Node certifications
CLI testing
TDR bad spans